December 2023

No surprise that December was full of Christmasy things. Get the tree up, make the Christmas cake, buy, then wrap the presents, visit a couple of markets, a lunch here, dinner there...  I’m sure yours was similar. 

Early in the month saw an impromptu trip to the beach (New Brighton), as it was raining, and misty, and held the promise of some great shots. When I got there, no mist, but a lot of rain. Mental note: don’t forget to keep wiping the rain drops off the lens… I got some ICM (Intentional Camera Movement) practice in but not much else.  While I was in the area, I popped around to the South Brighton jetty in hope of some Kotare action. No kotare, but a White-faced Heron happy to pose for shots, high up on his favourite branch. I stayed poised, waiting for his take off but he turned around and wiggled his butt at me and took off in the opposite direction. So much for the amazing take-off shots I’d been planning.

I enjoyed a meander through the rose gardens in Kaiapoi, and then at Mona Vale on a morning after a wet night. The flowers glistened with droplets of water and made for some beautiful shots.  Some of these will be among my 2024 releases.

December (and 2023) was rounded out with a trip to Taylor’s Mistake in Christchurch with a buddy, not really sure of what would be happening there. Turned out to be epic surf, a surf lifesaving comp, and loads of surfers! It made for a great shots. And all at 9am, in almost 30 degree heat. If I’d have had my bathers with me, I would have been in that water too!

All the best for your journey in 2024, I hope it’s everything you want it to be.

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