November 2023

And there’s another month gone and we are in December! 19 sleeps or something till Santa comes.  I'm sure my niece will let me know.

November was filled up with real-life and techy stuff and not much photography (sadly, a recurring theme lately!).  I made the switch from a laptop back to a PC for my main computer so dealt with a few challenges getting the editing software working correctly. I am in love with a bigger screen although sometimes that’s not great as I can see a more blemishes now!

Mid-month saw a day trip up into the Port Hills, then down to Governors Bay to see the new jetty. Thick fog at the top of the hills meant we saw nothing, and just gloom down at the water’s edge. I played around with some ICM (Intentional Camera Movement) so watch out for one in an upcoming release. 

I enjoy getting together with like-minded Photography people, and towards the end of the month I attended a 2-day Black & White course. I learned some interesting tips, and we headed out on a couple of field-trips – firstly to try our hands at Architecture in B&W, and then to Bottle Lake Forest, on the North-East outskirts of Christchurch to experiment with tone and contrast. The light in the forest was good so it turned in to an impromptu portrait session as well. I think these were my best shots for the weekend. Hot tip:  Portraits in Black & White are where it’s at!

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