October 2023

There’s another month flown by – less than two now until the end of the year.

I spent the first part of October getting organised for a road trip up to the North Island to attend the 100-year centenary of my high school. I covered 2500km’s, with a slight detour off to the west, through Taranaki.

Once I was on the road, the camera (and I) were loving it! Watch this space for photos in upcoming releases.

There was a brief stop in Wellington to visit Whanau, and my first visit to Zealandia wildlife sanctuary. It’s highly recommended for photographers, and non-photographers alike.  There is abundant birdlife, including Kaka, Saddleback, Tahake, Robins, and many many more, due to it’s predator-proof fence. It’s an easy walk up to the top reservoir, which was only decommissioned in 1991 as the main water catchment for the city.

I had been wanting to get to Taranaki with the camera for such a long time, and I was happy I did. Up through Whanganui, then a stop at Patea to see the crashing waves over the breakwater and the old wharf. There is even a wrecked ship there (the Waitangi). She ran around attempting to cross the bar 100 years ago, in 1923. The wind farm just south is a new addition since my last visit. 

The mood was wet and misty and just how I wanted it for a walk through the Goblin Forest to Dawson Falls. The following day, the sun shone, and Mt Taranaki made an appearance. I was lucky, as it’s about as elusive as Aoraki/Mt Cook!

Then on towards the Bay of Plenty. I was full into the setting up of the school hall and gym once I arrived. I’d been roped in by a cousin who was part of the reunion committee. And then suddenly, it was Friday night, and time for everyone to gather. 

What a weekend it was! Everyone was so happy and excited to be back and it was EPIC! I caught up with more Whanau, school friends (ones I had kept up with and ones I hadn’t seen for 30+ years!), old workmates and neighbours, the real estate agent/distant relly, youth group buddies, fellow Kiwifruit growers, siblings of friends… I came away feeling sooooo good! 

Back to reality now, and the wind up of yet another year.

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